1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Why should we hire you?

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

4. Why do want to be an officer onboard?

5. What can you say about your course?

6. How many years do you want to be a Chief Engr. or Captain?

7. How long will you work in our company?

8. What is a seaman?

9. What is the reason why do you want to be a seaman?

10. What are the prons and cons of being a seafarer?

11. What motivates you to become a seafarer?

12. How will you surpass the challenges and difficulties of being a seafarer?

13. What is leadership?

14. What is your favorite subject? 15. Tell me about your favorite subject.


1. What is safety?

2. What is Marpol?

3. What are the annexes of Marpol?

4. What are the four pilars of IMO?

5. How many miles can you throw garbage onboard?

6. What are the steps to be done when there is fire inside the engine room?

7. What is fire triangle and its composition?

8. What are the appropriate fire extinguishers to be used in case of fire (the interviewer will cite an example or situation)

9. How will you encourage your team to follow safety precautionary measures and best working practices onboard?

10. How will you maintain safe working practices onboard?

11. What is ECA and SECA?

12. What is ORB?

13. The minimum amount of oxgen a human need when entering an enclosed spaces?


1. What is navigation?

2. What is the duties and responsibilities of an a deck cadet?

3. What is compass error and compass best?

4. What is GMDSS?

5. What is SART?

6. What is EPIRB?

7. What is the difference between x band and s band radar?

8. What is variation?

9. What is deviation?

10. Box the compass.

11. What are the types of compass?

12. What is the distress channel on VHF?

13. What is a power driven vessel?

14. What is a fishing vessel?

15. What is a vessel not under command?

16. What is a vessel restricted ability to maneuver?

17. What is a vessel constrained by her draft?

18. What is Seaplanes?

19. Recite COLREGS rules 1-36

Give a definition of ship’s gyration curve.

a. Draw the ship’s gyration curve.

b. Emphasize on the drawing of the gyration curve its 6 elements.

c. Chose 2 elements of the  gyration curve and give their definition.

Graphicly explain the wheel’s steering effect:

  1. Ship going ahead, hard a starboard.
  2. Ship going astern, hard a starboard.

Graphicly explain the propeller’s steering effect:

  1. Right hand, going ahead.
  2. Right hand, going astern.

Graphicly explain the effect of ship’s mooring lines to the quay:

a. Ship moored on the starboard side, bow line heaves.

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