Second Mate Questions

1. How do you adapt to new working environments as a second?
2. What five words would describe you as a second-in-command?
3. What position do you prefer in a team working on a project?
4. Tell me about a problem you solved in a unique or unusual way. What was the outcome? Were you happy or satisfied with it?
5. What critical component of this second-in-command position makes the job challenging?
6. How did you find out about the second-in-command position?
7. Have you noticed too many unproductive internal meetings taking place, what do you do?
8. Do you work well in a team?
9. Would you like to do repetitive work?
10. How do you rate your success as a second?
11. What is your greatest accomplishment outside of working as a second in command?
12. If you feel you hit the proverbial „wall” and burn out, what would you do to re-energize yourself?
13. When have you been most satisfied with your work as a second in command?
14. What do you see yourself doing in the first 30 days of this job?
15. Do you consider yourself successful?
16. Describe your management style?
17. Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without having all the necessary information. How did you handle the situation as second in command? Why? Were you satisfied with the outcome?
18. What did you learn from your mistakes at work?
19. What specific steps do you use in solving problems at work?
20. Why do you think you will do well in this job?
21. What motivates you most?
22. Do you know anyone who works in this organisation?
23. Why did you leave your last job as a second in command?
24. What is your biggest weakness as a second-in-command?
25. How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?
26. Why has there been a gap in your work as second in command?
27. If you look at a clock and it is 3:15, what is the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand?
28. Who are your role models? Why?
29. What impact would you have on your company?
30. What are three positive character traits you do not have?
31. How do you deal with repetitive tasks?
32. What are your salary requirements as a second in command?
33. Do you enjoy being around people?
34. In what field do you specialise and why?
35. What are the personal skills that make you a candidate for the position of second in command?
36. What types of books or magazines do you usually read?
37. How would you imagine a typical day for an employee of our company as a second-in-command?
38. What will be the launch time before becoming a significant contributor?
39. What have you done to reduce costs, increase revenue or save time?
40. How many tennis balls can you fit in a limousine? 1,000? 10,000? 100,000? Really?
41. What has been your biggest failure so far?
42. How would you estimate the weight of the Chrysler building?
43. What are the qualities of a good leader as a second-in-command? A bad leader?
44. How did you find out about this job as second in command? What do you know about this job?
45. How do you handle conflicts with the people you supervise?
46. What do you think about the vision of this company?
47. Describe a time when you failed and recovered?
48. What is your ideal working environment?
49. How meticulous are you with details?
50. Why are manhole covers round?
51. What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
52. What was the most difficult situation you found yourself in as a second in command? How did you overcome it?
53. Do you have any questions about this job as a second in command?
54. What are three positive things your last boss would say about you.
55. What would you do if our competitor offered you a second job?
56. Explain a time when you achieved a goal under a tight deadline?
57. Give me an example of a time when you competed hard and won?
58. How would you define success?
59. What types of personalities do you work best with?
60. What type of work environment do you prefer?
61. If you had to choose one of them, would you consider yourself to be a big picture person or a detail-oriented person?
62. What does quality work mean to you?
63. What was the biggest professional risk you took and what was the outcome?
64. What would your first 30, 60 or 90 days in this second-in-command role look like?
65. How long will it be before you make a significant contribution?
66. What is the most satisfying work you have ever done and why?
67. What are your salary expectations as a second in command?
68. Explain an idea you had and then implemented?
69. Why do you want to work as a second-in-command for this organisation?
70. Why are you leaving your current job?

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